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Become A Quilting Expert And Satisfy Your Creative Itch

The Noble Quilter is a quilting shop in Elk River, MN that carries more than 3500+ bolts of fabric as well as notions, books, patterns, and much more. The shop also hosts quilting classes and unique events to educate people like you on the creativity of quilting.


Kim Shaver

“I needed help with boarders for my quilt, they were great at helping with the colors, since there really was no rhyme or reason to the design. Will definitely go back again.” 

Theresa Palmer

“Just took my first series of quilting classes. I had so much fun, enjoyed the other class quilters and learned a lot. Julie was fantastic and explain everything so you could understand. She also was quick to answer any question”

Tami Hawk

Great place to shop, quality merchandise and a fantastic staff. One of my favorite places to spend time!